No that’s not Mommy, that’s Betty Page

LM loves refrigerator magnets.  Loves them.  Which is great because he will stand at the fridge while I do other things in the kitchen.  But, as you might have guessed, the first time we realized he liked this, we did not have kiddie magnets.  My DH (darling husband) and I have odd collections.  And the magnets on our fridge that weren’t choking hazards were Michelangelo’s David, Wonder Woman and Betty Page.

fridgemagnetsFor months LM enjoyed play with the magnets, favoring the Betty Page ones.  My mother made some faces and thought it was a little odd… she suggested maybe we find some nice alphabet magnets for him.   So, for his first birthday, I went out and got him all the letter magnets.  A-Z and 0-9.  He was so excited when he opened them up, and we had great fun with them.

Months later, the alphabet magnets are on the fridge, but the prefers Betty Page.  Now that he is saying words he points at pictures on our fridge and says “Daddy” or “Mom”.  Today he pointed at Betty Page in her black underwear and bra, and said “Mommy”.

Now, I am a brunette and I do own black undies, so I can understand the confusion.  But, I did think about what to tell him, and all I could come up with was, “No, that’s not Mommy, that’s Betty Page.”

Now, later when he pointed at Wonder Woman, and said “Mommy”, I admit I let that slide.


3 Responses to No that’s not Mommy, that’s Betty Page

  1. terripatrick says:

    Wonder Woman, is good.
    I’ve slid magnets to the side of the fridge, so they are available when asked for, but not front and center. One at a time. Yet, the numbers and letters won’t be enough to forget Betty Page, some new colorful magnets will have to claim LM’s attention as Betty slides to the side. If that’s what you want to do.

  2. swamimami says:

    I realized that it’s the faces and people that he likes. When we are at the In Laws, he plays with Cinderella, when at my ‘rents, he plays with the Three Stooges. He was making David and Betty kiss yesterday which was pretty funny.

  3. Bad Momma says:

    Too Cute. We also had the Alphabet magnets on our fridge for a few years. Had to get rid of them when the boys learned to spell bad words! ;p

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