Shoe Lust

September 28, 2009

Today, I am reading through this months, Bust Magazine, and I come across the most beautiful shoe… Fluvog.

And I have shoe lust. They have so many beautiful pairs of shoes. Red, Green, Turquoise… Heels, boots, and Tie-up boots! I surf through the photos of all the pretty shoes, and let my imagination wander. What I would wear with that shoe, how would it look on my foot, and how it would make me feel… Did you know that there was just a segment on the TODAY show about wheter high heels empower or constrain women? That news article echos in my head.

I used to wear a lot more fashionable shoes. But then comfort and stability became more necessary than color, form, and style. But after almost a year of just wearing comfortable shoes, some of which are very stylish, I am craving a pair of heels. Something with color. Maybe in red. Something that will pop.

And then the practical side takes a hold of me. The cost of one pair of shoes, is equal to what I am expecting to pay for a hotel room plus dinner for my anniversary with Dear and Darling Husband. And, really, which is more important??I’m thinking romantic dinner and hotel. The shoes can wait. They probably weren’t that comfortable anyway.


Welcome to the dark side

September 26, 2009

Little Man asked to play with some toys off the shelf.  I obliged.  I asked him if he wanted to play with Yoda or Darth Vader.  He choice Darth Vader.  Now, he has never seen the movie, and is too young to have a pop-culture knowledge of who these figures are.  With all that said, he knew that Darth and Yoda battled.   As I held Yoda,  “Control, Control, Control, you must learn control!”,  Little Man attacked with “I find your lack of faith disturbing”.

Little Man has them now sitting next to him while he and Daddy-O cuddle up to enjoy a Saturday morning movie (of Little Man’s choice).  Today’s movie choice is Underdog.  Maybe he’s not so dark afterall.

Ode to Grippos

September 25, 2009

Okay, I’m a foodie. I have been for years. Dear Husband thinks it’s funny, but food, for me, has memories, the smells, the tastes, can bring you back. I think I get this from my Father. Dad always had Saturday spaghetti, and it would cook all day long. And when Dad made spaghetti, the smell would fill the entire house. It reminds me of Saturday football games, movies, doing laundry on the couch, and the occasional call to "stir the sauce". And then dinner would be conversation, visits with friends (or dates), and in later years, wine and laughter.

I am a believer in savoring good food. Why waste waistlines, calories, and time on bad food? (unless it is nutrionally necessary, that is). I also have some hard to find foods, that are special treats, these are items that you can’t find in the grocery store, or that you don’t buy every week. While it is possible to live on chocolate truffles everyday, if you had it everyday, it would just be ordinary. And I don’t have the money to import the French truffles for everyday treats.

So, why did this come about today? I opened a bag of Grippos famous Barbeque chips today.

If you don’t know Grippos, they are made by a company founded in 1919 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They started out as a company that made ice cream cones, and then pretzels, and then chips. It seems to be a small company, not like Lays or Tostitos, and you can order through the website. I don’t know when I bought the bag, but when I saw it, I picked it up to save for a rainy day.

Well, today is rainy. After my sandwich, I bit into the first chip. Sweet red, salty, and a spice that still is lingering at the back of my throat. Crunch, crunch, crunch.



September 22, 2009

So, I was looking for a book this morning. I couldn’t find the hot red covered romance novel I picked up at the Used book store. I am sure it is in a pile with the laundry I just brought home from my in-laws. (Washing machine died a week ago). So, I picked up a book off of the shelve that I kept for some reason. I debated about Pamela Anderson’s Star, (very trashy and easy read) but decided upon Babyville by Jane Green.

I don’t know why I kept this book for so many years, and through so many purges of the library. Why did I insist on keeping this book? I know why I have kept many books, for sentimental reasons, good stories, fave authors, good for a laugh, and etc. But why this one?

So far, on page 10, I think. I bought and read this book before I had baby. Before I conceived. I bought this story, along with many books I read at the time, about couples dealing with the issues of the dreams of motherhood, obsessions with ovulation calendars, and all the feelings within.

It makes me think of my own story and struggle a little. I have been asked to tell my story many a times, friends and family have asked to tell it to others, my own story of hope for motherhood. Maybe one day I’ll write it down too.


The 7 year itch…

September 21, 2009

The first time I saw Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch", I loved it. I have watched that movie hundreds of time. Yet, I never fully understood what the Seven Year Itch really was.

Now, that I am watching my friends over the past few years talk about their partners and marital issues. The one thing I am seeing with all of the issues, is that the problems start around that 7 year mark. Now, the problems vary, from household responsibilities, to bedroom issues, to money, kids, videogames, booze, and flirtations with others… and the worse case scenario, divorce.

I still thought that it was just a coincidence, and no, it won’t happen to me… but then I see that the American Psychological Association has a report about the 7 year itch!

So, it is real, it does happen, and according to the report, it happens more with couples with small children!

So, as I look in the mirror, and realize I am entering the 7th year of my marriage soon….


Romance novels

September 18, 2009

Reading romance novels early in the morning at work can be disruptive.

As much fun as they are, they can cloud your mind, which does provide a good escape, but can lead to some fumbles…
I just replied to one of those emails one of my friends sent. Under the line of what are your favorite smells, I wrote
"Little man’s head and Dear Husband’s chest after a hot shower."

Now where is my mind? And then I just get fixated on the hot shower, towel, and…
And it’s barely noon.

this is a test

September 16, 2009

just testing to see if i can email in posts!