Looking back, forward and homesick?

April 28, 2009

So, I was feeling a little homesick, not of my actual house, but of the city I grew up in.  I know that everyone gets homesick from now and then, but it crept up on me, and when phone calls, fresh pita bread and emails didn’t work, I turned to literature.

Lucky for me, while I was at Barnes and Noble, I came across the new Les Roberts mystery, set in my home town of Cleveland.  The adventures of Milan Jacovich satisfied my craving for the great City of Cleveland, partly because his world in Cleveland as with my memories, are slightly fictional, and greatly loved.

The book satisfied my craving.  But, as I was reading, DH and I were cleaning the basement out for work on our water line, and we came across the other books in the series.  One of these books is signed by the author, who I remember calling one day in Cleveland about career advice.

At that time, many years ago, I was trying to find myself, career, place, location, everything.  I don’t know how I came about to call the author who I greatly respected, and I don’t know how he called me back.  But we talked for a bit on the phone.  I don’t remember much of the conversation, but I do remember the young woman who was trying to figure out what her next move should be.

When I think about that young woman 11 years ago, I wonder what she would have thought if she saw me today.

Life is like a Choose your own adventure novel, which I loved so much as a kid.  But, you can’t go back and change your story for a different outcome.  Don’t get me wrong, I like where I am now, but it is far different than I could have imagined.  And much better I believe too.

But there are things that I miss.  I think now of going back to spending the time to write.  I need to create.  You always hear that you need to make time to write an hour a day.  Not that I ever fashioned myself a writer, I have other family members who are that, but I just have an urge to create.  This urge to create is getting stronger each day that I am in my “down-turn of economy” data entry job.  (which I am very happy to have… did I mention the cost for a new water line?)

So, the list on the big ticket items increase, and my laptop in which I dream about being able to write, or blog, or play, is in that list, somewhere between new shoes, baby seat for the bike and a new fence for the yard.  Or I could just wait until DH and LM are asleep…


Wonders and Bedtime Stories

April 26, 2009

So, we went to the bookstore to pick up some books I ordered about biting.  Here’s what we picked up:

Great book about all the things teeth are good for…

A book with flaps that talks about all appropriate behavior…

And one from my childhood that we read to my sister…

So, I purchased these, but while I was at the counter, LM had decided to pick out his own book, and accidentally ripped the cover.  What book did he choose?

The story of Barack Obama.  The book is aimed at 8-12 year olds, but once the cover is ripped, you kind of have to buy it.

So, our first night with our new books, I got through the 2 no biting board books, started on No Fighting, No Biting, but LM wanted his book.  So, we started to read the biography of our new president.

As we read, I self edit some of the items that are included in the book that I don’t think a toddler needs to hear about just yet.  I skim over some of the race issue items, I skip the parts talking about violence and political unrest and any killing that happened in the world in the 1960’s… I even catch myself glossing over the divorce between Barack’s mom and dad.

Our first night, he fell asleep while I was reading the first chapter.  The second night, he sat through 2 chapters.  Every night, a chapter or two.  He’s enjoying it, and the book doesn’t even have any photos! I am also trying to figure out what he is understanding about it.  I’m also trying to figure out how politically savvy the LM will be as he grows up…

We’ll see when he starts talking more!

need more time to…

April 22, 2009

I know I haven’t been actively writing much here.  I am still trying to figure out the balance of the new job, and life.  My current day goes like this:

6:00 am – shower, get dressed, etc

6:40 a – prepare breakfast for lm and me

7:00a – get out the door

730a – 600 work

6:30p – arrive home, try to get dinner on

7:00p – hopefully we are all eating now

7:30p – start bedtime ritual for lm, bath, rocking, music

8:00p – reading books to lm or walking the dog

8:30/9:00p – clean dishes from dinner and day

9:30p – start preparing food for lm to take to daycare and myself to take to work

10:00p – time on computer?

11:00p – bed

3:00 am – time for LM to wake up screaming because he is teething.

4:30 am – LM finally back to sleep again.

6:00 am – it starts all over again….

I know all working moms will nod in understanding.  And, I will say, I only have to do this 4 days a week.  (I had today off!)  And, DH is been giving me Saturday mornings to catch up on sleep or reading or just lying in bed.  (I really wish I had a laptop upstairs, then I could play on the internet!)

And tonight, I am up too late, I don’t know what I will be eating tomorrow because we have had no leftovers from dinner tonight… I just hope LM sleeps tonight.

Note:  DH does help out with the days, he gets to wake up LM in the morning and get him dressed, and does the daycare drop and pick up, and other needed chores, and helps prep dinner (turn on oven, boil water, go to store) when needed. Thank goodness for that.

His schedule starts at 5:30a – and goes like this—

530a wake up

600am wake up wife

630 wake up son, get him dressed

700 out door, drop son at daycare

800 – 530 work

530 pick up son, take home

600 get call from wife to start dinner

and you can just copy my evening schedule here, babytime, walk dog, chores, etc.   And yes, DH even will wake up at 3am to take care of screaming teething baby. Thank goodness for all that.

My Box of Stuff…

April 9, 2009

So, I visited my old office today… and I was given a box of stuff. Now, when I moved out of my office, I brought home 3 bags of my personal effects home.  In these bags were my desk toys, photos, kitchen items, food, tea, books, and certificates, thank yous and my name plaque.  Well, I got a phone call from my old co-worker/boss and he let me know that he disassembled my desk and had a box of my stuff ready for me to pick up.  I wondered what the heck could be in this last box?

Well, this box are those everyday personal desk items.  I never thought of moving them.  I never know, do you move those items with you or leave them behind for the next person?  Well, in my case, since there will be no next person since the position was eliminated, and I am still working within the large company (just another department), there are no worries about taking it with me to my next desk.  But how will all these items work with my new job?

Well, I can leave the Public Relations and Graphic Design resource books at home.  And I probably don’t need the dictionary.  I will take the Spanish/English dictionary, you never know.  What about my certificates?  The poster of the City?  My gold name plaque?  The photo of LM with a Higher Up?  These items are left over from the position I had.  Do I take them on?

When we move into a new home we redecorate.  The old items never seem to fit with the new place.  What about our desks (where we do spend most of our awake hours).  How do we redecorate?  My last office was fun, filled with whimsy and company pride.  The office before that, similar with fun posters, bright colors and plants.  What about this?  I am in a cubicle in a pod, no windows.  What theme do I want?

I will ponder this, but I know tomorrow my gold name plaque will go up.  It has been with me for several years.  (I look at it as a left over of brighter days, and hopeful of days to come)

Ice Cream and Yoga

April 8, 2009

So, I realize that for the past 3 Wednesdays I have gone out to get ice cream.  Is it because it is the middle of the week, or is it because it’s my day off… what is it?

So, still adjusting to the new schedule of work/mom.  One of the things that I always loose anytime I change schedules is my yoga practice.  As any new Mom knows, the first thing that gets kicked out of the schedule is your workout, then relaxation, then crafts, books, baths…

What does one do? First of all, I need time and place.

Time.  When do I schedule my time to practice?  I have been able to arrange time in our family schedule for family yoga, which is wonderful, but is very exhausting for me.  I run all around after LM and only get to do a few poses for myself.  But it’s great for him, and I love experiencing this with him.  But, I haven’t been able to etch out time for me to go solo…

Place.  I love the yoga studio I go to, but with my new work schedule it’s difficult to fit a class in.  So, I thought I would be able to make a place in our house to do it.  I used to have a nice spot in the bedroom which was big enough for my mat, and I could play music, and it was very nice.  But, that space got taken over by life.  So, I started to clean it out… but I’m only half way done… where do I put the stuff that is there now?  Must take care of that.

And together… So, when I get the space cleaned out, I will be back with trying to figure out the time for it.  I bought myself a book a few years back that has 15 minute, 30 minute and hour long sessions.  Start small.  I figure if I start with 15 minutes… it might work…

Now, that’s motivation.  Ice Cream is all gone.  LM is napping.  NOW my choice is to clean or nap.  hmmmm….

Sunday shopping

April 5, 2009

So, here are some of my new favorite things..

1.  Laptop Lunches

Being back at work, I need to pack my lunch again.  So, I picked up Lunchbox Laptop,  which is made for kids to take to school, but I use for myself at work.  The containers are perfect portion sizes, and it keeps everything in one neat container that I can just pop in the fridge!  I still have to bring one more container usually if I am using the microwave, but my lunch usually fits!  And I like the colors…

2.  Overalls.

LM is walking.  And growing.  And constantly walking out of his pants.  I love overalls.  But, they are really hard to find, and when I do find them it is hard to justify spending $17-24 on a pair.  What to do?  Well, I went to our local consignment shop, Red Rover and success!  Overalls in LM’s size for the right price.  I got 2 pairs and a new Hawaiian shirt for him for the price of one regular priced pair!

3. Backpack Diaper Bags

I tried to find a photo, but it seems to be out of stock again.  It was soooo difficult to find a backpack diaper bag.  Why don’t they make more?  I found one from Fleurville but it seems to be out of stock.  They need to make more backpack diaper bags, your hands are already full enough!  But I do like this one from OiOi, if I ever decide to buy a new one!

4.  Baby Slings

Baby sling - no, this is not me in picture.

Baby sling - no, this is not me in picture.

Once again, we have a lot to carry.  Hotslings makes cool slings in pretty patterns that don’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how to use.  I use them for LM, it’s great when he falls asleep and we have placed to go!  And earlier in the week I was helping out my friend who has 4 month old twin boys, and I put one of the babies in the sling, carried him around while I chased LM.  (By the way, LM is great at showing my friends where to child proof their homes!)

Okay, that’s enough for the day.

DH is changing another poopy diaper.  Go boy go.

The mommy/wife voice…

April 4, 2009

So, yesterday, after my 10 hour shift of work, I came home and looked at my men… and said, “Pack up, Let’s go to the mall”.

Now, I am not a huge mall fan, DH hates shopping, and the mall on a Friday night reminds me of my teenage days.  But, this week, I noticed LM was already pushing his toes out of his shoes, and DH’s soles of his shoes had holes in them, and I didn’t want to cook… So, off to the mall we go.  And I was on a mission.  Food.  Shoes.  Shoes.

So, first stop, food court.  Success.  Family fed.

Second stop, Stride Rite.  LM’s feet had grown, and now he is an extra wide, and no, I don’t want the buy one get one half off deal, I have no idea what size his feet will be in another month!

Third stop, Macy’s.  As we rode up the elevator for the Men’s department, it was time for me to stop by the bathroom.  I called out to DH, “Men’s Shoes Department, go, I will be there in a second.”  DH started to waver, thinking about wandering elsewhere.  “Men’s Shoes.  Go. ” I was on a mission, and we only had minutes before the ticking time bomb of a baby boy to start fussing since it was close to bedtime.

As I was entering the restroom, another man was there who witnessed me telling DH where to go was chuckling to himself.  “I’m on a mission”  I said.  “I know, I know!”.

I came out of the bathroom, and got to Men’s Shoes.  DH and LM was already there with the salesman, trying on shoes.  He tried on a few pairs and found the right one, meanwhile LM was loving himself in the mirror.

At the checkout, I noticed the man I saw outside the restroom.  He and his wife looked at me.  He said, “You told me to go to Men’s Shoes, and I did.”  His wife looked at me and said (with a relief in her eye) “And he actually bought something!”.

I laughed inside.  I know that Mommy/Wife voice works on my clan.  I just didn’t realize that it had the potential to work on any man within a 50 feet range.