Learning to let go…

February 22, 2010

We bought Little Man skates.  We had to.

After watching “Monsters and Aliens”, he put two cars under his feet and started to skate around the house.  After watching Olympic speed skating, he put dvd cases and cd cases under his feet and sped around the house.  We had a birthday party of a friends to go to, at a skate rink, and I knew that would be too much of a temptation, and I figured it would be rare that they would have skates his size… so, off to Toys R Us.

Fisher Price skates = $25.  Elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards (little gloves) and helmet…  well, it adds up.  We let him pick out his own helmet, it’s Lightening McQueen, he loves it.  Which means, he knows, he needs helmets and pads before the skates.

As soon as we came home with the skates, he had to put them on.  (You know you live in Ohio when you are putting elbow pads on over a winter coat.)  He showed the neighbor kids as we went up and down the few homes with clear sidewalks.  He was so proud.

Then, onto the birthday party at the skate rink.  He was fearless.  I hovered nearby, until Dear Husband, who is pretty good on skates, told me to relax and let him have fun.  So, I stood and watched as my 2 year old Little Man, on skates, went around and around and around the rink.  Like a big boy.  I was not ready for that.