So I’m driving and daydreaming… trying to remember this catch phrase I saw in a movie, where the guy says to the girl, “you cant’ have two stars in a relationship”.. (thinking about a conversation from the night before that mainly involved my sister’s love life)

Then I realized it wasn’t a movie, it was from a book, “Remember Me” by Sophie Kinsella.

So, I started to fill out the daydream and cast the book.

Eric, the handsome if a little smarmy, rich but cheating husband – Matthew McConaughey  (Most books I read usually have Matthew or Colin Firth as the lead)

Lexi, our heroine, a little goofy and clumbsy in her new life, played by Amy Adams.

Amy, her sister who is slightly irresponsible, played by Zooey Deschanel

Jon, the handsome, brooding, love interest.  I’m torn here, I was debating between Luke Wilson, Brandon Routh (from Superman) or Freddy Rodriguez (from Ugly Betty)  I settled on Superman.

I think I may have to get it back from the library to fill out the rest of the characters…


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