January 29, 2010

Little Man is pushing boundaries.

Will Mom and Dad let me stand on my chair at the dinner table?

How long can I push bedtime?

Can I demand my tv show instead of the one Daddy is watching?

Mommy and Daddy are trying to be consistent.  But, after a day of work, it can be difficult.  Yes, if Mommy and Daddy are tired, and just want a peaceful dinner, we have allowed standing meals (as long as he is eating).  But last night, I got tired of the standing, and insisted on him sitting back in his highchair.  I gave him some Legos.  That way, when he was done eating, he played quietly with Legos.  It was nice.  Of course, I did totally give up the bib.

Bedtime, we have good days and bad days.  If Mommy makes him go to bed, he cries for Daddy, and vice versa.  And now that he can open doors, he can stand outside his bedroom door and cry.  Luckily he doesn’t know how to open the babygate that is outside his door.

TV time has been interesting.  He would love it if he could just watch Curious George, Martha Speaks and Thomas all the time.  Maybe some movies in between.  Daddy is tired of George.  He wants to watch Stephen Colbert.  Who wins?  This tv war is still on debate.  I try to make sure the two men in my house share the tv… Luckily they both enjoy Old Disney movies, like the Love Bug.  🙂



January 18, 2010

Little Man has learned about doors.   A milestone, while necessary, scary for the adults living in the house.  Thank goodness my pregnancy nesting self installed child locks and baby gates everywhere in the house.

So, doors.  Freezer doors can be opened, and he can get a popsicle or look and point at the ice cream.  Or get out the teething keys that are still in there.  I am fine with that.

Bedroom doors, though… Open, close.  Open, close.  The first night that he learned doors last week, it took forever to get him to bed.   Once again, thank goodness I installed baby gates at several doors upstairs, so I could lock him in.  But sometimes, we don’t remember.

Yesterday morning, we woke up to see Little Man about to go down the stairs.  He was thirsty, wanted juice and George.  If we were heavier sleepers, he could have made it all the way down, but I am sure the cats and dogs would have gotten us up.

Last night, at 2am, I woke up to him crying, standing in the bathroom.  He wanted a diaper change, and we have just started discussion about potties… so, he was in the right place.  After that, I am locking the baby gate in front of his door…

Until he learns how to open that.  Which will happen one day, and too soon for me.