Lesser wrote about milestones.. #1 Mommy Edition

May 25, 2009

It’s been a full week.  Reason#1 why I am going to do a select series of posts, “lesser wrote about milestones”.  I have been thinking about which one to write about for several days, since LM has gone through several of these in rapid succession.  But, I won’t bore you with the details of all of them at once, but categorizing which one to write about first is a toughie.

So much to say!  But I think I will start with this one. I have several for LM, but this one has been brewing, it’s for the mommies.

Lesser wrote about milestones – Mommy edition.

#1.  When Hemorrhoids come up in polite conversation at a cookout.

I was at a nice family event, keeping eye on Little Man, and enjoying adult conversation.  I even had a glass of wine.  And then I heard a new father commenting about hemorrhoids.  “What’s the deal with hemorrhoids, after all!”  My head snapped back.  I heard myself shout, “Now, don’t you go start talking about hemorrhoids, you don’t even understand.  And don’t make fun of your wife for them..”  I was enraged.  My pregnant cousin gave a polite laugh, and I don’t know why I was so enraged.  I obviously stepped into a conversation that I wasn’t involved with at the first place, and I just assumed he was making fun of pregnant women, new moms and one problem that some of us get, hemorrhoids.

The conversation quieted and changed gears.  I settled down.  But later in the night, I realized that the use of the word of hemorrhoids, was much worse.

Towards the end of the night, as the toddlers were worn out, little fights were starting, tears were sputtering, and I just got LM comforted and he was back to playing nicely.  At this time, the same gentleman was “comforting” his little man by calling him a “little hemorrhoid”.  Yes, he actually said, “Come here you little hemorrhoid.”

I will never call my LM a hemorrhoid.  A hemorrhoid is something you don’t want, and something we all try to avoid and get rid of.  Which is why it has come up in conversations, especially with my new mom friends (I always recommend fiber pills).

But to call another person that which what several of us get during those wonderful time of pregnancy and new mother hood???  Ugh. 

Milestone #2 Mommy Edition – How to not rip the head off of jerk parent in front of child.


Back in the day…

May 12, 2009

I  got happy connecting with a woman the other day who was going out to photograph a drag show pageant.  My, how I loved going to those, “back in the day”.  “You should come!”  she told me.  “No, I…” I stammered.  No, I couldn’t come to a drag show, I didn’t feel right asking DH for another night out, and I know that I really wanted to be home for LM’s bedtime ritual, plus the night would go long, because drag queens are never on time, and I really enjoy having a few precious hours of sleep before a day of work… So, no, I didnt go to the drag show.  I actually forgot all about it until a few days later, she told me how much fun it was.  Then I realized that I forgot about even trying to go to it!

When I think about things “back in the day”, do I miss them?  No.  I feel at times odd with myself when I turn down things I would love to do, to stay at home and do things that I love to do now.  It’s the conflict between before mom and after mom.  The difference between going out for happy hour with friends, or making dinner and enjoying bathtime with LM.

And I know singles or non parents can’t really understand,  though I am impressed with my friends who do understand and give me the space.  We can do drinks one night a week, preferably after LM has had dinner, bath and maybe a bedtime story.  If I have a community meeting to go to, I bring LM with.  He is a part of me, and I want to spend time with him.

Sometimes I reflect upon things that I used to do, “back in the day”, like dusk bike rides.  Now that LM is the right age, I can get the bike seat for my bike, and we can go for a ride.  But last year, my bike just collected dust.   My yoga class pass has expired, becuase I can’t seem to find one that matches our current schedule, with the exception of family yoga every few weeks.  Our old fave bars and restaurants may still recognize DH and I, but they don’t know our orders anymore, we aren’t regulars.

But there are new things.  We have found an excellent Mexican restaurant that LM loves.  He actually licks the salsa right off the tortilla chip.  They also have tasty margaritas, and DH, LM and I can have a nice night out.  As long as I wear something that can get refritos, cheese and salsa all over it, we’re good.

So, when I think of the “back in the day” things, I look forward to the new things we can do now, as a family.  Just watching LM explore our world is amazing.  And I don’t regret not making that drag show.  There will be another.


May 9, 2009

Okay, quick post before bathtime.

As I have stated, I have had to buy new shoes to fit my newly acknowledged half size larger feet.  Today, I was in the store looking for running shoes for general exercise, and etc.  I normally am not a big tennis shoe/ athletic shoe person.  I am a big fan of Danskos, so once I started wearing those daily, I was in heaven.  Until today.

Shopping with my Sister in Law, who has decided to start training for her first marathon in the fall, I was looking for something.  I was just thinking two days ago about getting my butt in gear to get ready to do a 5K, I haven’t done a 5K in years.  The last one I did was I think 9 years ago.  And I used to be Cross Country.  Now, I was never fast, or award winning, but I ran, and ran, until a bad injury my sophmore year of high school.  Every once in awhile, I get an idea of running again, but the pain comes.  But anyway, nowadays, you can always walk the races.

So as I was saying, I was thinking in my head about a 5K (but not verbalizing it) and here my sis-in-law mentions marathon training.  So, I tell her, the first step is a good pair of shoes.  So, off we went.

We tried on many a pair.  But then the sales woman pointed to a pair she herself owned.  Sis tried them on.  “Whoa, these are comfortable”  I decided to give it a go also, “Are you kidding me?  These are great?”  But could we really leave the store with the identical pair of shoes?

So, after trying on many other pair, I came back to the Nike Pegasus.  I have to give Nike credit.  They do make a good shoe.  Now we’ll see how much that shoe motivates us to move…

So far, the shoes did make me want to dirty them up a little, so I did my gardening while LM napped.  Who knows where the shoes will take me tomorrow…

Brain Atrophy

May 8, 2009

please note, this was supposed to post last week, but due to brain atrophy, I saved it to publish on a date, but I just noticed that I didn’t actually publish it.  I set it to post, but then just saved a draft.  Maybe, my brain is turning into mush afterall…

Anyway, here’s the post —

So, today, I was having a moment.  I know that when muscles aren’t used, they can develop muscle atrophy.  So, when you don’t use parts of your brain, can you develop brain atrophy?

In my new, post economic crisis job, I am not using certain parts of my brain.  My old job duties are no longer.  Now, I have a job that mainly is just data entry, answering the phones, and memorizing data.  But, as I am typing and talking, I noticed my spelling is going down the tubes.  Today, I seriously wondered today, can certain parts of my brain could atrophy?  The parts that I am not using on a daily basis?

My friend reminded me to just “write it on my blog”, so here I am.  I know that this will get better.  We have adjusted to the sleep/work schedule, but we have not gotten used to the different parts of my brain that is and isn’t getting used daily.

So, as I work, I keep my logic puzzle books, and my current mystery novel, and keep my classical music and npr on low.

And I will try to post, and continue to write to keep my brain going.  Anything to prevent atrophy.

Goodbye sole friends…

May 7, 2009
My beautiful babies...

My beautiful babies...

Okay, I have to finally admit it, but my feet grew a half size.  Why is it so hard to say goodbye?  And why is it so hard to make purchase for myself?

First it was admitting that I HAD to move out of the maternity bras and panties.  So I had to make the trip to Victoria’s Secret.  And why the heck did I feel guilty about making the purchase?  LM was a great help in the changing room, I will say.

And now, shoes.  I found out last fall that my shoes went up a half size (or a full European size).  But now it’s Spring, so I need something other than boots.  So, off to find comfortable, and good looking shoes that I can wear while balancing LM on my hip.  I found 2 pairs, and took them home.

So, then, time to clean out the closet and come to terms that I need to get rid of my old shoes.  (I already tossed the maternity bras)  So, I lined them up.

Boo hoo.  There’s a lot of pretty shoes there.  My pretty silver strappy ones, my Italian leather kitten heels with the red piping, my my I will miss you.

Now, to start anew.

Free Comic Book Day

May 2, 2009

Today is Free Comic Book Day!  DH got up with LM, got him dressed, and went out the door with him to the comic shop.  There was pride in Darling Husband’s face while he was dressing up Little Man.  He even chose a spider-ish looking top because it was the most comic-book worthy of his clothes.  He fed LM breakfast, changed diapers, and out the door they went, with DH telling LM the books that they might get today.

To say that DH was as giddy as a school girl, would not be exageratting, but I think I shall coin the new phrase, “as giddy as a comic book collector on free comic book day”.