Little Man has learned about doors.   A milestone, while necessary, scary for the adults living in the house.  Thank goodness my pregnancy nesting self installed child locks and baby gates everywhere in the house.

So, doors.  Freezer doors can be opened, and he can get a popsicle or look and point at the ice cream.  Or get out the teething keys that are still in there.  I am fine with that.

Bedroom doors, though… Open, close.  Open, close.  The first night that he learned doors last week, it took forever to get him to bed.   Once again, thank goodness I installed baby gates at several doors upstairs, so I could lock him in.  But sometimes, we don’t remember.

Yesterday morning, we woke up to see Little Man about to go down the stairs.  He was thirsty, wanted juice and George.  If we were heavier sleepers, he could have made it all the way down, but I am sure the cats and dogs would have gotten us up.

Last night, at 2am, I woke up to him crying, standing in the bathroom.  He wanted a diaper change, and we have just started discussion about potties… so, he was in the right place.  After that, I am locking the baby gate in front of his door…

Until he learns how to open that.  Which will happen one day, and too soon for me.


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