Sick Daze

I am coming to terms with why I feel guilty about taking sick days, or taking naps, falling asleep early, all of that.  I am taking a sick day today, my first one since forever.  But still, it takes a lot out of me to call in and state those words that I am staying at home today.  A few years ago I learned (thanks to a wonderful and understanding boss) that it is best to take a few days off when you are starting to feel the symptoms of a cold off, that way you nip the cold in the butt, and feel better before you are at death’s door.  We also had a rule that neither of us were allowed to show up in our office sick. We shared a small office together, so if one of us came in with germs, the other got it.

February 2007 my co-worker/boss and I learned how quick a bad cold/flu can pass between co-workers.  I came in with a cold, just the sniffles I thought.  Something that I just caught after my recent vacation to the Grand Canyon and Sedona.  Just tired.  Just allergies.  Just…  so, I arrived at work, all sniffly, sneezy, miserable.  Full of germs.  I worked the 8 hour day and went home.  The next morning… fever, aches, everything.  It lasted with me for a week, hubby for a week, and my boss was very upset that it lasted with him for a week.  A month later, everyone was fine.  But, I learned from that experience…

DO NOT GO TO WORK WITH SYMPTOMS OF FLU/COLD!!!  I must remember that as I stay at home and drink my tea and lemon.


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