Shoe Lust

Today, I am reading through this months, Bust Magazine, and I come across the most beautiful shoe… Fluvog.

And I have shoe lust. They have so many beautiful pairs of shoes. Red, Green, Turquoise… Heels, boots, and Tie-up boots! I surf through the photos of all the pretty shoes, and let my imagination wander. What I would wear with that shoe, how would it look on my foot, and how it would make me feel… Did you know that there was just a segment on the TODAY show about wheter high heels empower or constrain women? That news article echos in my head.

I used to wear a lot more fashionable shoes. But then comfort and stability became more necessary than color, form, and style. But after almost a year of just wearing comfortable shoes, some of which are very stylish, I am craving a pair of heels. Something with color. Maybe in red. Something that will pop.

And then the practical side takes a hold of me. The cost of one pair of shoes, is equal to what I am expecting to pay for a hotel room plus dinner for my anniversary with Dear and Darling Husband. And, really, which is more important??I’m thinking romantic dinner and hotel. The shoes can wait. They probably weren’t that comfortable anyway.


One Response to Shoe Lust

  1. terripatrick says:

    I remember shoe lust. (sigh) Hotel room, romantic anniversary dinner with honey, better investment.

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