Ode to Grippos

Okay, I’m a foodie. I have been for years. Dear Husband thinks it’s funny, but food, for me, has memories, the smells, the tastes, can bring you back. I think I get this from my Father. Dad always had Saturday spaghetti, and it would cook all day long. And when Dad made spaghetti, the smell would fill the entire house. It reminds me of Saturday football games, movies, doing laundry on the couch, and the occasional call to "stir the sauce". And then dinner would be conversation, visits with friends (or dates), and in later years, wine and laughter.

I am a believer in savoring good food. Why waste waistlines, calories, and time on bad food? (unless it is nutrionally necessary, that is). I also have some hard to find foods, that are special treats, these are items that you can’t find in the grocery store, or that you don’t buy every week. While it is possible to live on chocolate truffles everyday, if you had it everyday, it would just be ordinary. And I don’t have the money to import the French truffles for everyday treats.

So, why did this come about today? I opened a bag of Grippos famous Barbeque chips today.

If you don’t know Grippos, they are made by a company founded in 1919 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They started out as a company that made ice cream cones, and then pretzels, and then chips. It seems to be a small company, not like Lays or Tostitos, and you can order through the website. I don’t know when I bought the bag, but when I saw it, I picked it up to save for a rainy day.

Well, today is rainy. After my sandwich, I bit into the first chip. Sweet red, salty, and a spice that still is lingering at the back of my throat. Crunch, crunch, crunch.



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