The 7 year itch…

The first time I saw Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch", I loved it. I have watched that movie hundreds of time. Yet, I never fully understood what the Seven Year Itch really was.

Now, that I am watching my friends over the past few years talk about their partners and marital issues. The one thing I am seeing with all of the issues, is that the problems start around that 7 year mark. Now, the problems vary, from household responsibilities, to bedroom issues, to money, kids, videogames, booze, and flirtations with others… and the worse case scenario, divorce.

I still thought that it was just a coincidence, and no, it won’t happen to me… but then I see that the American Psychological Association has a report about the 7 year itch!

So, it is real, it does happen, and according to the report, it happens more with couples with small children!

So, as I look in the mirror, and realize I am entering the 7th year of my marriage soon….



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