Lesser wrote about milestones.. #1 Mommy Edition

It’s been a full week.  Reason#1 why I am going to do a select series of posts, “lesser wrote about milestones”.  I have been thinking about which one to write about for several days, since LM has gone through several of these in rapid succession.  But, I won’t bore you with the details of all of them at once, but categorizing which one to write about first is a toughie.

So much to say!  But I think I will start with this one. I have several for LM, but this one has been brewing, it’s for the mommies.

Lesser wrote about milestones – Mommy edition.

#1.  When Hemorrhoids come up in polite conversation at a cookout.

I was at a nice family event, keeping eye on Little Man, and enjoying adult conversation.  I even had a glass of wine.  And then I heard a new father commenting about hemorrhoids.  “What’s the deal with hemorrhoids, after all!”  My head snapped back.  I heard myself shout, “Now, don’t you go start talking about hemorrhoids, you don’t even understand.  And don’t make fun of your wife for them..”  I was enraged.  My pregnant cousin gave a polite laugh, and I don’t know why I was so enraged.  I obviously stepped into a conversation that I wasn’t involved with at the first place, and I just assumed he was making fun of pregnant women, new moms and one problem that some of us get, hemorrhoids.

The conversation quieted and changed gears.  I settled down.  But later in the night, I realized that the use of the word of hemorrhoids, was much worse.

Towards the end of the night, as the toddlers were worn out, little fights were starting, tears were sputtering, and I just got LM comforted and he was back to playing nicely.  At this time, the same gentleman was “comforting” his little man by calling him a “little hemorrhoid”.  Yes, he actually said, “Come here you little hemorrhoid.”

I will never call my LM a hemorrhoid.  A hemorrhoid is something you don’t want, and something we all try to avoid and get rid of.  Which is why it has come up in conversations, especially with my new mom friends (I always recommend fiber pills).

But to call another person that which what several of us get during those wonderful time of pregnancy and new mother hood???  Ugh. 

Milestone #2 Mommy Edition – How to not rip the head off of jerk parent in front of child.


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