Okay, quick post before bathtime.

As I have stated, I have had to buy new shoes to fit my newly acknowledged half size larger feet.  Today, I was in the store looking for running shoes for general exercise, and etc.  I normally am not a big tennis shoe/ athletic shoe person.  I am a big fan of Danskos, so once I started wearing those daily, I was in heaven.  Until today.

Shopping with my Sister in Law, who has decided to start training for her first marathon in the fall, I was looking for something.  I was just thinking two days ago about getting my butt in gear to get ready to do a 5K, I haven’t done a 5K in years.  The last one I did was I think 9 years ago.  And I used to be Cross Country.  Now, I was never fast, or award winning, but I ran, and ran, until a bad injury my sophmore year of high school.  Every once in awhile, I get an idea of running again, but the pain comes.  But anyway, nowadays, you can always walk the races.

So as I was saying, I was thinking in my head about a 5K (but not verbalizing it) and here my sis-in-law mentions marathon training.  So, I tell her, the first step is a good pair of shoes.  So, off we went.

We tried on many a pair.  But then the sales woman pointed to a pair she herself owned.  Sis tried them on.  “Whoa, these are comfortable”  I decided to give it a go also, “Are you kidding me?  These are great?”  But could we really leave the store with the identical pair of shoes?

So, after trying on many other pair, I came back to the Nike Pegasus.  I have to give Nike credit.  They do make a good shoe.  Now we’ll see how much that shoe motivates us to move…

So far, the shoes did make me want to dirty them up a little, so I did my gardening while LM napped.  Who knows where the shoes will take me tomorrow…


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