Brain Atrophy

please note, this was supposed to post last week, but due to brain atrophy, I saved it to publish on a date, but I just noticed that I didn’t actually publish it.  I set it to post, but then just saved a draft.  Maybe, my brain is turning into mush afterall…

Anyway, here’s the post —

So, today, I was having a moment.  I know that when muscles aren’t used, they can develop muscle atrophy.  So, when you don’t use parts of your brain, can you develop brain atrophy?

In my new, post economic crisis job, I am not using certain parts of my brain.  My old job duties are no longer.  Now, I have a job that mainly is just data entry, answering the phones, and memorizing data.  But, as I am typing and talking, I noticed my spelling is going down the tubes.  Today, I seriously wondered today, can certain parts of my brain could atrophy?  The parts that I am not using on a daily basis?

My friend reminded me to just “write it on my blog”, so here I am.  I know that this will get better.  We have adjusted to the sleep/work schedule, but we have not gotten used to the different parts of my brain that is and isn’t getting used daily.

So, as I work, I keep my logic puzzle books, and my current mystery novel, and keep my classical music and npr on low.

And I will try to post, and continue to write to keep my brain going.  Anything to prevent atrophy.


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