Goodbye sole friends…

My beautiful babies...

My beautiful babies...

Okay, I have to finally admit it, but my feet grew a half size.  Why is it so hard to say goodbye?  And why is it so hard to make purchase for myself?

First it was admitting that I HAD to move out of the maternity bras and panties.  So I had to make the trip to Victoria’s Secret.  And why the heck did I feel guilty about making the purchase?  LM was a great help in the changing room, I will say.

And now, shoes.  I found out last fall that my shoes went up a half size (or a full European size).  But now it’s Spring, so I need something other than boots.  So, off to find comfortable, and good looking shoes that I can wear while balancing LM on my hip.  I found 2 pairs, and took them home.

So, then, time to clean out the closet and come to terms that I need to get rid of my old shoes.  (I already tossed the maternity bras)  So, I lined them up.

Boo hoo.  There’s a lot of pretty shoes there.  My pretty silver strappy ones, my Italian leather kitten heels with the red piping, my my I will miss you.

Now, to start anew.


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