Wonders and Bedtime Stories

So, we went to the bookstore to pick up some books I ordered about biting.  Here’s what we picked up:

Great book about all the things teeth are good for…

A book with flaps that talks about all appropriate behavior…

And one from my childhood that we read to my sister…

So, I purchased these, but while I was at the counter, LM had decided to pick out his own book, and accidentally ripped the cover.  What book did he choose?

The story of Barack Obama.  The book is aimed at 8-12 year olds, but once the cover is ripped, you kind of have to buy it.

So, our first night with our new books, I got through the 2 no biting board books, started on No Fighting, No Biting, but LM wanted his book.  So, we started to read the biography of our new president.

As we read, I self edit some of the items that are included in the book that I don’t think a toddler needs to hear about just yet.  I skim over some of the race issue items, I skip the parts talking about violence and political unrest and any killing that happened in the world in the 1960’s… I even catch myself glossing over the divorce between Barack’s mom and dad.

Our first night, he fell asleep while I was reading the first chapter.  The second night, he sat through 2 chapters.  Every night, a chapter or two.  He’s enjoying it, and the book doesn’t even have any photos! I am also trying to figure out what he is understanding about it.  I’m also trying to figure out how politically savvy the LM will be as he grows up…

We’ll see when he starts talking more!


One Response to Wonders and Bedtime Stories

  1. terripatrick says:

    This sounds like responsible parenting, encouraging LM’s interests while choosing the boundaries he deserves, for his age. 20 years from now you’ll be fascinated to see who LM has become, and be amazed your choices today, encouraged the man he is then.

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