need more time to…

I know I haven’t been actively writing much here.  I am still trying to figure out the balance of the new job, and life.  My current day goes like this:

6:00 am – shower, get dressed, etc

6:40 a – prepare breakfast for lm and me

7:00a – get out the door

730a – 600 work

6:30p – arrive home, try to get dinner on

7:00p – hopefully we are all eating now

7:30p – start bedtime ritual for lm, bath, rocking, music

8:00p – reading books to lm or walking the dog

8:30/9:00p – clean dishes from dinner and day

9:30p – start preparing food for lm to take to daycare and myself to take to work

10:00p – time on computer?

11:00p – bed

3:00 am – time for LM to wake up screaming because he is teething.

4:30 am – LM finally back to sleep again.

6:00 am – it starts all over again….

I know all working moms will nod in understanding.  And, I will say, I only have to do this 4 days a week.  (I had today off!)  And, DH is been giving me Saturday mornings to catch up on sleep or reading or just lying in bed.  (I really wish I had a laptop upstairs, then I could play on the internet!)

And tonight, I am up too late, I don’t know what I will be eating tomorrow because we have had no leftovers from dinner tonight… I just hope LM sleeps tonight.

Note:  DH does help out with the days, he gets to wake up LM in the morning and get him dressed, and does the daycare drop and pick up, and other needed chores, and helps prep dinner (turn on oven, boil water, go to store) when needed. Thank goodness for that.

His schedule starts at 5:30a – and goes like this—

530a wake up

600am wake up wife

630 wake up son, get him dressed

700 out door, drop son at daycare

800 – 530 work

530 pick up son, take home

600 get call from wife to start dinner

and you can just copy my evening schedule here, babytime, walk dog, chores, etc.   And yes, DH even will wake up at 3am to take care of screaming teething baby. Thank goodness for all that.


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