My Box of Stuff…

So, I visited my old office today… and I was given a box of stuff. Now, when I moved out of my office, I brought home 3 bags of my personal effects home.  In these bags were my desk toys, photos, kitchen items, food, tea, books, and certificates, thank yous and my name plaque.  Well, I got a phone call from my old co-worker/boss and he let me know that he disassembled my desk and had a box of my stuff ready for me to pick up.  I wondered what the heck could be in this last box?

Well, this box are those everyday personal desk items.  I never thought of moving them.  I never know, do you move those items with you or leave them behind for the next person?  Well, in my case, since there will be no next person since the position was eliminated, and I am still working within the large company (just another department), there are no worries about taking it with me to my next desk.  But how will all these items work with my new job?

Well, I can leave the Public Relations and Graphic Design resource books at home.  And I probably don’t need the dictionary.  I will take the Spanish/English dictionary, you never know.  What about my certificates?  The poster of the City?  My gold name plaque?  The photo of LM with a Higher Up?  These items are left over from the position I had.  Do I take them on?

When we move into a new home we redecorate.  The old items never seem to fit with the new place.  What about our desks (where we do spend most of our awake hours).  How do we redecorate?  My last office was fun, filled with whimsy and company pride.  The office before that, similar with fun posters, bright colors and plants.  What about this?  I am in a cubicle in a pod, no windows.  What theme do I want?

I will ponder this, but I know tomorrow my gold name plaque will go up.  It has been with me for several years.  (I look at it as a left over of brighter days, and hopeful of days to come)


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