Ice Cream and Yoga

So, I realize that for the past 3 Wednesdays I have gone out to get ice cream.  Is it because it is the middle of the week, or is it because it’s my day off… what is it?

So, still adjusting to the new schedule of work/mom.  One of the things that I always loose anytime I change schedules is my yoga practice.  As any new Mom knows, the first thing that gets kicked out of the schedule is your workout, then relaxation, then crafts, books, baths…

What does one do? First of all, I need time and place.

Time.  When do I schedule my time to practice?  I have been able to arrange time in our family schedule for family yoga, which is wonderful, but is very exhausting for me.  I run all around after LM and only get to do a few poses for myself.  But it’s great for him, and I love experiencing this with him.  But, I haven’t been able to etch out time for me to go solo…

Place.  I love the yoga studio I go to, but with my new work schedule it’s difficult to fit a class in.  So, I thought I would be able to make a place in our house to do it.  I used to have a nice spot in the bedroom which was big enough for my mat, and I could play music, and it was very nice.  But, that space got taken over by life.  So, I started to clean it out… but I’m only half way done… where do I put the stuff that is there now?  Must take care of that.

And together… So, when I get the space cleaned out, I will be back with trying to figure out the time for it.  I bought myself a book a few years back that has 15 minute, 30 minute and hour long sessions.  Start small.  I figure if I start with 15 minutes… it might work…

Now, that’s motivation.  Ice Cream is all gone.  LM is napping.  NOW my choice is to clean or nap.  hmmmm….


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