Sunday shopping

So, here are some of my new favorite things..

1.  Laptop Lunches

Being back at work, I need to pack my lunch again.  So, I picked up Lunchbox Laptop,  which is made for kids to take to school, but I use for myself at work.  The containers are perfect portion sizes, and it keeps everything in one neat container that I can just pop in the fridge!  I still have to bring one more container usually if I am using the microwave, but my lunch usually fits!  And I like the colors…

2.  Overalls.

LM is walking.  And growing.  And constantly walking out of his pants.  I love overalls.  But, they are really hard to find, and when I do find them it is hard to justify spending $17-24 on a pair.  What to do?  Well, I went to our local consignment shop, Red Rover and success!  Overalls in LM’s size for the right price.  I got 2 pairs and a new Hawaiian shirt for him for the price of one regular priced pair!

3. Backpack Diaper Bags

I tried to find a photo, but it seems to be out of stock again.  It was soooo difficult to find a backpack diaper bag.  Why don’t they make more?  I found one from Fleurville but it seems to be out of stock.  They need to make more backpack diaper bags, your hands are already full enough!  But I do like this one from OiOi, if I ever decide to buy a new one!

4.  Baby Slings

Baby sling - no, this is not me in picture.

Baby sling - no, this is not me in picture.

Once again, we have a lot to carry.  Hotslings makes cool slings in pretty patterns that don’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how to use.  I use them for LM, it’s great when he falls asleep and we have placed to go!  And earlier in the week I was helping out my friend who has 4 month old twin boys, and I put one of the babies in the sling, carried him around while I chased LM.  (By the way, LM is great at showing my friends where to child proof their homes!)

Okay, that’s enough for the day.

DH is changing another poopy diaper.  Go boy go.


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