The mommy/wife voice…

So, yesterday, after my 10 hour shift of work, I came home and looked at my men… and said, “Pack up, Let’s go to the mall”.

Now, I am not a huge mall fan, DH hates shopping, and the mall on a Friday night reminds me of my teenage days.  But, this week, I noticed LM was already pushing his toes out of his shoes, and DH’s soles of his shoes had holes in them, and I didn’t want to cook… So, off to the mall we go.  And I was on a mission.  Food.  Shoes.  Shoes.

So, first stop, food court.  Success.  Family fed.

Second stop, Stride Rite.  LM’s feet had grown, and now he is an extra wide, and no, I don’t want the buy one get one half off deal, I have no idea what size his feet will be in another month!

Third stop, Macy’s.  As we rode up the elevator for the Men’s department, it was time for me to stop by the bathroom.  I called out to DH, “Men’s Shoes Department, go, I will be there in a second.”  DH started to waver, thinking about wandering elsewhere.  “Men’s Shoes.  Go. ” I was on a mission, and we only had minutes before the ticking time bomb of a baby boy to start fussing since it was close to bedtime.

As I was entering the restroom, another man was there who witnessed me telling DH where to go was chuckling to himself.  “I’m on a mission”  I said.  “I know, I know!”.

I came out of the bathroom, and got to Men’s Shoes.  DH and LM was already there with the salesman, trying on shoes.  He tried on a few pairs and found the right one, meanwhile LM was loving himself in the mirror.

At the checkout, I noticed the man I saw outside the restroom.  He and his wife looked at me.  He said, “You told me to go to Men’s Shoes, and I did.”  His wife looked at me and said (with a relief in her eye) “And he actually bought something!”.

I laughed inside.  I know that Mommy/Wife voice works on my clan.  I just didn’t realize that it had the potential to work on any man within a 50 feet range.


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