Hand me downs

I love hand me downs, who doesn’t?  Well, LM has lots of hand me downs, but where to put it all?

I have been doing the cycle, I get clothes from friends for LM, LM wears the clothes, and then I put them in a bag to send to my friends with Little Men of their own.  This morning, I am working on that cycle.  I have a bag set for my friends with the twin 4 month olds, and a bag set for my friend with the 9 month old.  I have summer clothes, sleepers, shoes and more.  Some items LM only wore once.

For some time, I was afraid to let go of my fave outfits.  But now, I figure I am in the circle.  When another babe comes into our lives, my friends will send me their hand-me-downs once again, or send back the ones I sent to them.  Then, I guess the circle will be complete.


2 Responses to Hand me downs

  1. terripatrick says:

    That new babe might not match the fav outfits and instead want ruffles and bows.

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