To work or not to work?

To work or not to work? (I know, that question again…)

So, since I am on unemployment since I got laid off last month, one of the rules is that you have to actively seek work.  You have to send a minimum of 2 resumes to open jobs a week.  You have to look, and you have to be available for work if it comes your way.

All this can be hard when juggling a toddler.  I have learned that Curious George and Cherios can distract while I am job searching online or sending out resumes.  I have lined up friends and family to watch him just in case of an interview.  I have to be ready to answer the calls if they come.

Well, what does one do if you get an offer?

I am enjoying staying at home, but not prepared for the financial shift of a one parent salary.  I guess, you never are.  I did promise myself if I do return into the workforce, I will actually take those vacation days, I will not take work home with me, I limit weekends and nights, I will try to make it to more day care events.  Of course, If I return into the workforce, Dear Husband will get to spend more time with Little Man, much more time, since he loves taking him to day care and visiting him during lunch.

Does money buy happiness?  No, but I am beginning to believe that good health benefits do.


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