Eating habits of a toddler

So tired today.  LM is in major teething mode this week.  He was up for several hours last night, which meant I got little sleep.  His eating and drinking schedule is also off.

I decided today to write a little about foods.  DH and I have ecletic food tastes, and I am watching it grown onto LM.  Several months ago, I looked all over the internet to see what toddlers could eat, what they should eat, and etc.  No site had good enough information for me.  So, I share our menus from the past few days, I don’t have all the snacks inputted.

Breakfast – Cherios, fruit, Mini muffin

Lunch: Vegetable sushi (avocado, carrot, celery, tofu) and cheese with mustard sandwich, strawberry

Dinner:  Cheese lasagna, cherry tomatos, cheese


Breakfast: Pita with cream cheese, Cherios, peaches

Lunch: Chix nuggets, fries

Snack: Pineapple, Mini hotdog, cheese

Dinner: Black bean and tofu burrito, mac and cheese, applesauce

Tuesday (today):

Breakfast:  Mini muffin

Snack: Yogurt

Lunch: Mac and Cheese, Tomatos, Turkey & Swiss wrap (as I mentioned teething, he threw a lot of the lunch to the dog)

Dinner:  I am planning on making some Irish dishes for St. Patrick’s day… we’ll see what he eats.

Somethings I have learned with LM regarding food:

  • If it is a tortilla, he will try to eat it.
  • Everything tastes better off of Mommy and Daddy’s plates.
  • Fruit, cheese and beans are great.  Meat, not so much.
  • And most importantly, everything tastes better when he feeds himself.

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