First steps

So, LM has taken his first steps.  He made one or two a few ago, but yesterday he took four – to Grandpa.  We knew that we were on the brink of walking…

Today, at Baby Laptime, LM was eyeing the basket of balls.  As soon as songs were over, the librarian brought the basket of balls out, and dumped them out.  LM stood up and walked right for them.  I had tears in my eyes.  I told the other moms and dads that this was the big step!  (They all could tell too – mom with tears in eyes, and LM doing the “Frankenstein walk”)

He is proud of this walking thing, and continued to show off his new steps all afternoon.

I am glad that I was there to witness this!  In the past Daycare workers have seen all the steps and new things first, sometimes DH saw them because he worked right near daycare, I was usually the last to see the special things.  Today, I am the first.

Of course, he wore me out today, I actually took a nap when he did.  I had to!!!


2 Responses to First steps

  1. I remember when our oldest took her first three steps. It was so bizarre to see her upright and moving on her own. Walking change everything… So glad you got to be there for your little one’s big achievement!

  2. terripatrick says:

    Loved the video on Facebook!

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