First week

Did I mention that this was the first week at home with LM?

Now, that I am an “unemployed worker” as the State likes to call us, LM finished his contract with Day Care, and came home with me.  I have learned a lot from LM, and we have had a lot of fun.

Things I have learned from LM this week:

  1. LM is a master of construction paper with glue.  (examples follow)
  2. Naps last as long as Norah Jones cd.  (doesn’t matter which one)
  3. A pile of pillows on the floor a bottle, and some music, is pure happiness.

Other fun things I have discovered:

  1. “Nnnnn”, “nnnn” which used to mean nurse, now means anything that comes in a bottle.
  2. Spaghettios fit on LM’s fingers.
  3. Warm, open mouth, slobbery kisses are the best kind.  😉
Day one art project - stickers and crayon

Day one art project - stickers and crayon

Day one art project

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

Day two art project, at Crafts class.  This is where I learned that he knows what to do with construction paper (as long as I handle the glue)


Day Three.  Playing with shapes.  Several hours later, LM added crayon and the frayed edges.  I really think it added something.



Day four – Playing with shapes, this is LM’s deconstructionist view of the Sun.

Day five – just crayons, no major art project.  Need to cut more things and prepare some for next week!


3 Responses to First week

  1. terripatrick says:

    Advice: consider a special place for art projects to be stored, like dust bunnies, they multiply in the dark.

  2. Bad Momma says:

    Kid has skillz! Love the green eggs & ham!

  3. Love that you’ve been having fun at home with him. Thanks for stopping by my blog from Scholastic. Hope you enjoy it!

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