sweet and sassy – couldn’t hold wordless wednesday all day!

So, the photo from today’s Wordless Wednesday was of the Sweet and Sassy pink limo that was hanging out in the parking lot of the mall.  What is Sweet and Sassy?  Well, I had to find out.  So, I did some internet research…

Sweet & Sassy is a new store that is interested in “bringing a little glam and glitter to the life of young girls”.    They have salon services, spa packages including “Diva for a Day” which includes: shampoo, haircut, style out, mini-mani, mini-pedi, mini-facial, make-up app, 2 nail arts, ring and toe ring.  They also are a site for parties including Pajama Jam, Ice Cream Spa Party and Lights, Camera, Limo.  Limo!!! These birthday packages can run up to $399!  And this is girls younger than 14!  (Here’s the link to the article)

Now, I know girls like make up and nail polish.  I remember that nail polish was a treat once I stopped biting my nails.  But, I feel that this is a little extreme.  Why are we glamming up our young girls?  Do girls really need colored extensions, and a ride in a pink pink limo?  And what about the girl in the class that can’t afford the $20 a head birthday party and just has a small one with cake and ice cream?

I am sure that my neices will have a great time if they go to one of these places.  I know they would love it.  But I just worry about the Disney-fication and Princess making of our female youth.


2 Responses to sweet and sassy – couldn’t hold wordless wednesday all day!

  1. terripatrick says:

    Glam girls are not my thing. Birthday parties where we made our own cake and created our own games were tons of fun!

  2. Bad Momma says:

    Sounds like MaryKay on Steroids! Thank God we have boys…and that we’re poor. I wouldn’t want to be able to provide that kind of nonsense for my hypothetical daughter(s).

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