Curious George Feeds the Birds

So, today on Curious George, he is feeding the birds and is trying not to let jumpy squirrel eat the bird food.  This is one of the more logical CG episodes.  I think one of my fave CG is when The Man in the Yellow Hat is sick.  So sick, that he asks the monkey to take care of him.  George actually goes to the store pharmacist and pantomimes what Yellow Hat needs, and he gives it to him.  (And here in the real world you need to give a drivers license to get any drugs!)  But anyway, short post.  LM has thrown shoes over pack and play (what my nieces call the crate) edge and is trying to make a break for it.  Oh wait, he gave up and is calmly watching CG again.  I don’t care what people say about tv being bad for kids, a few minutes of pbs kids is alright with me.

On another note, I am sooo happy I have LM weaned.  He nursed until just about a month ago.  Today, at crafts, the leader started reading a story, and her little one wanted to nurse right then and there.  We were there, and it wasn’t long ago!  Last month, at my Grandmother’s funeral, LM started chanting “nurse”, “nurse” (it sounded more like “nnnn”   “nnnn”  during the service while tugging on my blouse.  We slowly went towards the back of the church, into the back room, and all was fine, and only my immediate family understood what “nnnn, nnnn” meant.  I am all for breastfeeding until they are ready, and over a year is fine, but as a former breastfeeding mom, when they start talking and walking, and they can demand when they are hungry….well, it got a little difficult for me.  I understood what this mom was going through, but she did something I never was able to do, which was multi-task while nursing.  She read the book to the other kids, nursed and even turned the pages!  I was happy if I was able to drink a glass of water while nursing at the same time.  (I gave up on trying to turn pages of a book while nursing.)

Okay, now LM is really ready to get out of the crate. pack and play.


One Response to Curious George Feeds the Birds

  1. mamajinx says:

    Curious George: dude. After the 400000000 reading of curious george books I started adding

    “And then the health department aressted the caterer that let a monkey make pancakes with his feet. The end.”


    “And then the Man with the Yellow Hat was sued for negligence and had to sell george to a 3rd world circus to pay. The End”

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