So, I started to write a post about going over to friend’s houses that aren’t baby safe, which we experienced this weekend.  But then, I was distracted by Little Man (LM).  This is our first day at home together since the lay off.  (we had to finish out day care contract)  When DH (Dear Husband) left this morning, I think LM was actually happy that he wasn’t going.  He waved, smiled, and everything.  He was so happy to be at home with mommy and toys that I could not convince him to take a nap.  When I spoke with DH at lunch, he advised to put some pillows on the floor and soft music, and he would just crash out.  According to DH that is what happens at day care sometimes, and DH has tried it at home before.  So, I tried.  I put on Norah Jones and waited.  But, LM was too interested with his new toy tool shed to relax.

So, I put him in the car and drove over to Baby Laptime!  Yes, My first Story Time!!!  I have read about these storytimes, and seen what they are like on tv and movies, but have never been able to attend one being a WM and all.  So, I went.  We had fun.  And on the way home, he fell asleep, and is finally taking that nap.  And, I can finally write this post.

By the way, also wanted to do a short comment about the man who put an engagement ring into his girlfriend’s frosty… and of course she swallowed the ring, and had to get an xray, and it did come out several days later, and now it’s on her finger and they are on the today show….

  1. Don’t mess with our chocolates.  NEver put anything but a straw or spoon into our frostees.
  2. No matter how many times you clean that ring, you will always know where it has been…
  3. This reminds me of a Friends episode, where the duck took the ring and swallowed it, and Joey thought the stripper stole it, but it was actually the duck….

Maybe I should nap too.


One Response to Monday

  1. Ann Again says:

    He put a ring in a frosty? And she ate it?! I’m with ya’, she’ll always know where that ring has been. (Yikes!)

    Thanks for visiting and being a part of the Virtual GNO! I hope you had fun.

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