Running of the brides

Okay, is this crazy?  The Today Show is filming the Running of the brides.  It has been less than 2 minutes and the majority of the racks are empty.  There is one crazed woman who is just making a pile of like 10 of these big white dresses.  This other poor girl is dragging a dress to what I assume is a changing room.  2 minutes and the racks were empty.

Why do I think this is crazy?  Is it the screaming women?  Is it the running to try to get a sale?  Is it the line up for a deal?  I don’t know.  Are these the same people who line up at WalMart on black Friday for the 5am deals?  Are these the same people who line up at 4am on Black Friday for Kohls?  Or is it just that the wedding business is insanely expensive and you have to fight to get a good deal for your “perfect white wedding”.

According to an article in CNN Money, the average cost of a wedding is $26,000.  Ouch.  But whay does it need to be so much?  Now, I got married 5 years ago, and yes it was expensive, but it wasn’t that expensive!  But we were creative and cut costs.  But I have been to several beautiful weddings since, and not only do they cost the bride, but they cost the bridal party and guests money too.  I know it’s a business, but that’s a lot of money!

I guess part of my problem is that I see the media playing up the perfect wedding, how expensive (and necessary) it is to have this all.  But then again, it’s a great party – and I have a friend who is planning one now, and I wish her luck.

But enough about this topic.  I think I am addicted to the Today show.  (Now there is the creator of Facebook on)


One Response to Running of the brides

  1. terripatrick says:

    Ever wonder how these women got into this screaming mentality? What were their mom’s like? Or did they learn this panic for the price from TV?

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