Single, jobless parent of 14…

Are you tired of hearing about this mom of the octopulets?  First of all, I think Nadya is enjoying her moment in the spotlight.  Second of all, I think that the doctor who implanted her was very irresponsible.

After struggling with my own infertility, me and DH (darling husband) looked into in vitro.  Our doctor talked with us about it, and she assured us that there might be multiples, but that they only fertilize a maximum of 3 eggs beacuse of the chance of multiple births.  What quack doctor did Nadya go to???  Plus, there is the pain and hormonal ups and downs of those fertility drugs.  We did not even get to the in vitro part because the fertility drugs before hand were so terrible!

Plus, there is the fact that one newborn is trouble enough, but can you imagine 8!  with 6 more at home!!!  You can’t do that alone!  Little man when he was born wanted to feed every hour and a half.  So, DH and I went from feed, diaper, rest, feed, diaper, rest for the first week.  I can’t imagine with 8.

But, I figure in today’s media world, I will wait to see TLC’s tv show on her – and she is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.  I forsee NBC doing a show 10 years from now on her family.  Unless, the hospital decides that they can’t release the kids, and then children services gets involved, and then the children will be sent to foster homes, and…. please hear me, I am not saying that Nadya is a bad mom.  I am just thinking that 8 is alot to handle alone.


2 Responses to Single, jobless parent of 14…

  1. Yes; I’m sick of it. Even Dr. Phil seems to be enamored by this topic. Enough already, I say.

  2. terripatrick says:

    The underlying question I have about this story, the doctor, the fame, and the children, is what are we supposed to contemplate or learn about our responsibility to what we create? No matter how much she “loves” these children, what was the point?

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